Who I Am

I started seriously collecting and repairing pre-war and post-war trains/toys in 1989, and it grew into a business. My business was founded in 1993, and I now do repair work for 7 hobby/train shops in northern Indiana.

I have done repair work for collectors and individiuals for many years, and I have a very loyal following of collectors around the country who ship me valuable trains for repair.

Everything I sell has been serviced. I am just starting to sell items on ebay as a continuation of my current business, and you can find my auctions under the username traintenderjim. Also, I repair most anything except for broken hearts. I have many original parts, wheels, and armatures from Madison Hardware and other hobby shop acquisitions.

What I Do

  1. Buying Old Trains: I buy antique trains in any condition for restoration or parts for repair.
  2. I also buy coins, old boy's toys, lead soldiers and figures, metal cars and trucks, die cast toys, windups, & cap guns
  3. I sell: Antique toy trains, orginal and reproduction lionel train parts, and repair services. I also have started selling on eBay under the name traintenderjim.
  4. Lots of Tooling: I work on antique Lionel, American Flyer, Marx, Ives, Hafner, and many others.
    • Rebuilding engine reversing units; Pressing tools for rivets or eyelets
    • Rewiring and other electrical repairs
    • Pulling and pressing wheels (I have many Lionel original wheels)
    • Replacing wheel axle bearings
    • Blackening parts and screws
    • Replacing pickup roller plates; tools for spreading motors
    • Motor armature work or replacement (I have many Lionel original armatures & motors
    • Transformer rebuilding, rewiring, and new power chords